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Scooter Braun Talks about Justin Bieber in A Recent Interview with Midem


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“First and foremost, I think that Justin deserves the credit. If anybody has dealt with depression or substance abuse—you know that no one else can change that situation. That’s a decision that comes from that person. If someone is going through something, they have to make a conscious decision within themselves that they want to change. And I’m really proud of him and he deserves the credit because he as a young man said, “I don’t like what I’m doing in my life. I don’t like where I’m headed,” and he made the decision to change and he put in work and he deserves the credit for that.”

“As far as what is next for him. I mean I’m hoping to get him back in the studio because it’s been awhile. Despacito was great but let’s go!”
“I think what’s next for him is a lot of growth. I’m sure we’ll make another great album. We announced an animated movie that he’s gonna voice and produce.”

“Justin is really just growing up. He’s enjoying life. He has found God. He has found his humanity. He’s walking around without security ‘cause he’s fighting for normalcy. He’s being a human. He’s going through the progress.”

“I think that one of the reasons why Justin has always connected with so many people around the world is because as famous as he has become—he’s growing up in a way that no one in the planet has ever experienced. But I think he’s figuring it out and I think the fun thing why people connect him is they find something very real and honest about him. Even if they disagree with him—he is who he is.”

Source: Facebook (FF to 31:58 – 34:50)


Scooter Braun talking about Justin Bieber. (FF to 31:58 – 34:50)

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