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jmlimaging: About a month back, @ethanml11 and I had the pleasure of meeting the ultra talented and kind Justin Bieber. And before anyone asks, that is a key in his mouth (no idea why lol). #JustinBieber #Bieber #haileybaldwin #belieber #beliebers #nobrainer #youshouldgoandloveyourself

August 22: Justin via Instagram Stories

August 16: Another photo of Justin with a fan in Stratford, Ontario.

boosterjuice: Thanks for stopping by @justinbieber. We’re loving the Canadian tuxedo, now we’re considering a uniform change… #BlendItBlue #Stratford #BoosterJuice

Fun Fact: We were both born in Canada in the 90’s #CanadianBorn #BlendedWorldwide

August 5: [More] Justin with a fan in Nanuet, New York.

July 27: Justin and Hailey Baldwin in Nyack, New York today.

July 13: New/Old photos of Justin and Hailey Baldwin in Miami, Florida

chrissmokes: Biebs in the trap. #WTB #AlbumComingSoon

shotbykyle: When you slide into the party with that new fit on… @justinbieber

July 15: Justin and Hailey Baldwin spotted at Top Golf in Atlanta, Georgia.